Training on Producers Company -TTCDP

Under Thakar Tribal Community Development Project ( TTCDP) a Training on producers company was conducted at Thakali Dhokeshwar. Two members from 17 Farmers group established in the project area were actively participated in the training. After introduction and purpose of Training, members had gone through  a group exercise . The topic was given is Day to day problems the tribal farmers have faced during the cropping season. After that 3 groups have presented their report.

The concept of the producers organisation or company was introduced to them by Mr. Sachin . It was decided that the same will be shared with the other group members and village development committees in next meetings. It was also decided that in order to get more knowledge about the functioning of the Producer company, a exposure to any company have to be planned may be in December.

After Tea the training was concluded by Fr. Siju by thanks giving program.


Health Camp



The statement that “Health is Wealth” is a very true to its meaning, as one cannot do anything if he or she does not have a sound health. It is important that each person must know the causes, effects and remedy related to each one’s health problems. Hence, Social Centre organized a Free Health Camp in collaboration with HCDI in three villages of the Parner taluka.  Around 200 people benefitted from this camp. We are grateful to the staff of Nitya-Seva hospital, Shevgaon, especially Dr. Shrikant, Srs. Hilda and Nirmala for rendering their valuable services to these villagers who are otherwise neither able to afford medical treatment nor having any basic knowledge regarding health and hygiene. Through these programs people are given various tips on health issues. Besides these, basic health problems and sicknesses are diagnosed with free medicines.

SHG Training on 28th September 2013

SHG Training

On 28th and 29th September 2013 an SHG training for SHG animators was held at Social Centre. There were 15 animators from different projects who took part in the training. The SHG training was conducted by Dr. Supriya, who is an expert in Social Work. The theme was: Meaning and purpose of self-help groups, functioning of self-help groups, importance of conducting regular self-help groups meetings, role of animators, information and development of self-help groups, gradation of self-help groups, bank linkages and business development, federation of self-help groups. This training helped the animators to build their capacities to have a sustainability of SHGs work.

Visit of Mr. & Mrs. Lyra to Ashakiran

Mr.& Mrs. Lyra

Mr.& Mrs. Lyra

On 10th November 2011, Mr. and Mrs. Lyra, the generous donors have visited the Ashakiran- The Rehabilitation Centre for HIV+/AIDS affected children. They have donated for the construction of a one of the dormitory. They had visited Ashakiran last year. At that time the construction was at plinth level. In this visit they have overviewed the completed well furnished building with children. The Lyra family was very happy and satisfied with the facilities provided to the inmates. They discussed with the children about their staying comfort. Ishwar, the boy, has given a greeting card to the guest as a token of his Love and gratitude. Other two girls, Shruti and Swati had made a wall hanging and they honored the guest by giving them as their token of love. The children sang two songs and welcomed the guests. Mr.& Mrs. Lyra also visited the surrounding farm and the premises. They were very much impressed about the healthy environment and cleanliness kept in the Ashakiran

Mrs. Lyra expressesI am happy and very much impressed about the work and the children, rehabilitated in Ashakiran, looks very happy and healthy. Fr. Jerome has made lot of efforts for all this. We both are thankful to him. It is good that all the children are enrolled in the school and the way the care has been taken about their nutrition and treatment.

Before visiting the Ashakiran, the Social Centre staff welcomed and felicitated Mr. and Mrs. Lyra in a small function to express our gratitude towards their generous contribution.


Bramhagaon Watershed Project

Newly constructed water harvesting structures called check weir shows the over flowing water in this monsoon. Both the structures have constructed under strict supervision of our staff and Village watershed committee which is responsible for all the implementing and monitoring of the ongoing work in the project village.

The check weir  shown in the first photo is having 27 meter length and 1.25meter height. The water storage capacity of this weir is 1782 cum.  The check weir  shown in the second photo is having 17 meter length and 1.25meter height. The water storage capacity of this weir is 1122 cum. 




Distribution of Pressure cooker

In order to reduce the drudgery of women of the project village Bandkhel, Tal. Ashti, Dist Beed; the pressure cookers are distributed. The activity was planned by the women of the Self Help Group after consensus among the members. 128 women have collected their share in their group and kept it in bank. It was 20% of the total purchase cost. Women prefer the cooker of HAWKINS company. The dealer of the company have provided the cookers in whole sale rate.

The cooker were distributed in the simple ceremony organised by the women in the village . The treasurer of Social Centre  Fr. Ramesh Tribhuvan SJ  were the chief guest. The staff of the Social Centre Mr. Anil Chandekar, Miss. Seema Arole and Ms. Pache were present for the function.

Women were very happy with the pressure cooker. Saved cooking time approximately an hour per day is utilized for taking care of the children and the family.

Women with New cooker box

Women with New cooker box

Fr. Ramesh Distributing cooker in the function

Fr. Ramesh Distributing cooker in the function

Inauguration of ASHAKIRAN

On 23rd July 2011, the ASHAKIRAN has been inaugurated with the blessings of

Bishop of Nashik Rt. Rev. Fr. Lourdes Daniel in the presence of Fathers and Sisters

from all the congregations  in and around Ahmednagar. Many villagers were also

present on this occasion. Fr. Thomas D’ Costa, Fr. James Shelke were the chief guest.

Fr. Jerome Gonsalves, Director of the Social Centre welcomed the guests and has

given the inaugural speech. In his speech he thanked all the benefactors who have

supported this centre especially Mr. & Mrs Lyra and Family from Australia,

Missio Austria. Bishop Fr. Lourdes has blessed the centre and called for the support

for this Socially Centered Centre.


Rehabilitation Centre for HIV/AIDS - Ashakiran


ASHAKIRAN – Rehabilitation Centre for HIV+/AIDS affected children.

The  construction of the Rehabilitation Centre is almost completed. Hope to  start it functioning from July 2011.  The organization has put in  9.1 million INR to purchase the land and to put up the shelter for the poor HIV/AIDS affected and infected children.  The organization is not very rich.  It is one of the charitable trust run by the Missionaries. The centre is planned for the 100 inmates aging from year 1 to 18 years of age.

The organization also has planned to put the children in school and conduct multi-skilled programme for the affected and infected children above 15 years of age. From the studies it shows that; these children need to be kept occupied with different activities; so that they are not in a depressed situation.  Their mind is busy with studies, work and games.  This will prolong their life.

We do hereby earnestly request you to be generous enough to contribute towards the noble cause, for which you may kindly send cheque/Demand Draft in favour of “Social Centre, Ahmednagar”. All the donations are exempted under 80G.

Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee Celebrated at Social Centre

On 1st May 2011 Social Centre family celebrated Fr. Jerome’s Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee . Fathers and Sisters of all the communities in Ahmednagar District were present for the function. The whole staff of the Social Centre actively participated in arranging the function. The  Holy Mass was said by Fr. Jerome. The choir group of Mr. Peter Pandit and Family added religious atmosphere to the celebration.

The ceremony was led by Fr. Ramesh Tribhuvan SJ, Treasurer of the Social Centre. In his inaugural speech he put forth the journey of Fr. Jerome’s life.

Fr. Jerome in his introductory talk before the mass said that he is been chosen to serve God in his kingdom.

Fr, Jerome was congratulated by all the invitees along with the staff and the BSW students.

Fr. Jerome was felicitated by the community and the staff.

Before the program was concluded, students of Bachelor of Social Work put up a comedy play.

The ceremony ended with the delicious lunch.